About CRIC

The proposed research-creation program will support new harpsichord performance practices, in particular the use of a computerized harpsichord in concerts and the possibility to realistically reproduce a performance in any tuning system. In the concerts, expert performances will be intertwined with computer-generated performances to create an unique opportunity to appreciate the level of complexity and subtlety achieved by skilled musicians. In addition, expert performances captured with our computerized harpsichord will be later rendered in many different tunings in order to examine the expressive possibilities inherent in different methods of tempering the 12-tone scale, without losing their expressive qualities and using professional sound rendering techniques. The results of our investigations will be presented both in concert and on an open access website. This will create an unique opportunity to reflect on one’s ability to perceive different interpretations, and to discuss one’s preferences with the community of interest that will emerge around the website.